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* Scrap Purchase and Recycling Software

* Truck & Auto Salvage Yard Software

* Aftermarket Auto Body Parts software

* 18-Wheeler Heavy Truck Salvage software

General information about the software

Your Inventory Web Site Included

Your inventory data will be uploaded to your own web site which will be provided by Rossknecht Software. Your inventory data and pictures will be uploaded automatically every night to this web site. If you already have a website you can put links on it to the inventory look-up pages we provide. Internet users will be able to browse to your web site and look up items in your inventory by make-model-year or by part number.

All complete software packages include:

* Point-of-Sale invoice printing, plain paper or custom invoices targeted. Put your own warranty message at bottom of each invoice.

* Your own web site for your inventory where any Internet user can go and look up parts by make-model-year or by part number. IVY uploads your inventory automatically every night including pictures.

* Inventory restocking & price editing spreadsheet screen included.

* Cores go onto invoice automatically when part requires a core.

* Print your own form letter to any or all of your customers with address placed in letter to fit a window envelope.

* A utility program for converting and loading your Excel™ spreadsheet data into SY or IVY part, catalog, and customer files.

* One button instant export to Excel for any data - inventory, sales, etc.

* Utility programs for database maintenance, reindexing, data recovery after computer problems and setting security passwords.

* Pre-loaded Part-Finder and Model-Finder menus for look-ups by part application & utility programs for customizing these menus.

* No monthly fees, 3 months updates, training, and support included

* Export any or all of your parts inventory to the eBay File Exchange format. The eBay setup file lets you configure your template for the Ebay categories you require.

                             How to Order

To order, call the number below or you can print this, complete the 
information below, and mail this page to the address below with a check
for the total amount. Add $10 for shipping.
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Resources and Free Downloads

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